Can You Purchase Cryptocurrency With Credit Cards?

People in all parts of the world are nowadays accepting digital decentralized assets for investment. This is not the only cryptocurrency trend grabbing attention worldwide.

The purchase of digital decentralized fintech assets using credit cards is the latest trend in this domain of finance. You must know about it and its potential impacts on your credit card score.

Better quality of understanding and correct knowledge of the following will help you understand the impact of buying cryptocurrency using a credit card on your credit history:

Can You Buy Cryptocurrency Using Credit Cards?

It could be like cracking a hard nut with a traditional credit card for a number of reasons. The list includes but is not limited to the elimination of traditional centralized financial institutions from the entire transactional process, the risk of credit card-related information leakage, and authorization of transaction to be carried out from your account by the seller.

However, you now have an alternative to this option. Popular financial service providers like MasterCard and VISA are now providing cryptocurrency credit cards.

Meaning, you can apply for VISA and MasterCard’s cryptocurrency credit card for investing in digital decentralized fintech innovation.

All in all, the answer to this question is yes!

However, not all cryptocurrencies could be purchased using credit cards.

Understanding cryptocurrency transactions:

This is another key thing you need to understand before thinking about investing in any crypto asset using credit cards.

You will need to search for an exchange that accepts credit card payments to let users purchase cryptocurrency.

Remember, some cryptocurrency exchanges accept credit card payments whereas some do not. Using traditional centralized credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies is not so normal under any circumstances. It is more expensive and risky in a number of ways.

The purchase of digital decentralized fintech assets using credit cards becomes reality only if your credit card issuer allows it. In case you are allowed to do so, you may have to pay a variety of hefty fees for it.

Transaction fee:

One of the fee types we are talking about is the transaction fee. This form of the fee varies significantly from one jurisdiction to another. It all depends on the policy of your country’s/state’s government, banking/financial institutions, and the cryptocurrency exchange of your choice.

Buying digital decentralized assets with crypto could be a cash advance.

Traditionally centralized credit card service providers may treat your payment of cryptocurrency as a cash advance.

This is additional to any fee cryptocurrency exchanges charge users. It could vary from 5% to 10% of the total amount of transaction, whichever is greater.

Another key thing you must know about is the Foreign Transaction Fee. This is additional to the fee you are charged by your credit card issuer for purchasing cryptocurrency with credit cards.

It could be 3% of the total transaction amount. Again, it all depends on the policy of your country’s state’s government, credit card issuer, and the exchange of your choice.

Potential daily limit

This is another thing you must know about before using a credit card to invest in any digital decentralized asset. The cryptocurrency exchange of your choice may limit the amount of cryptocurrency you can purchase using traditional centralized credit cards.

Therefore, you may need to login into your crypto exchange account and gain complete and correct information about it.

We do not want to overflow your mind with information about it. Therefore, you are advised to get back here to learn more about it from time-to-time.


The purpose of this post is only to educate you. This post is in no way investment advice for anyone. We value your faith in us.

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