Coinbase, VISA, And Signal Are Ready To Increase Cryptocurrencies Utilization

The count of people searching for new crypto assets to invest in is reaching the next level every day. The credit goes to a number of things happening in this domain of finance. Today’s post is also dedicated to some things happening in this market.

Seeking correct knowledge about these things will help you understand the market situation. More importantly, you will be able to find a new crypto asset to invest in easily. Staying updated about t the latest market happenings help you make the right decision also.

Let’s know about some of the latest happenings in this domain of finance.

Some Latest Market News:

Coinbase is Going Public:

Coinbase, one of the biggest companies in the domain of digital decentralized finance, is about to launch an IPO (Initial Public Offering) on 14th April 2021. In this way, the company will be the first to go public.

This could possibly result in increased market validation. But there is something that you must know about. Coinbase is not taking the traditional IPO route. Instead, the company is going public through a direct listing process.

You will be able to see the IPO trade on Nasdaq and under the COIN ticker.

In case you are interested, users will get information about reference prices just a day before the beginning of trading. One more key thing you must know about is that Coinbase selling 114.9 million shares directly to the public.

Signal Testing Launches Payments Feature:

This is another key thing you must know about while searching for a new crypto asset to invest in. The popular messaging app named Signal has recently launched a payments feature.

However, this feature is only for UK based user base so far. Only Android and iOS users will be able to leverage the potential of this feature. The feature has been launched under the MOB ticker.

VISA Offers Payment Settlement Using Cryptocurrency:

His is another key thing you must know about before investing in new crypto assets. VISA, one of the largest payment card providers in the world, has now announced the use of USDC (US Dollar Coin, a cryptocurrency) to help users settle their payments. In this way, users will not have to convert their FIAT currencies to cryptocurrencies for making payments.

This proves the way the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing in all walks of life. Therefore, you should about investing in new crypto assets for better financial experiences and the future. Keep coming back for seeking more information about the latest market happenings regularly.

However, we advise you to be wise and do some research on your own before investing in any crypto asset. This research will help you make the right decision from the investment point of view.

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