Impersonation/Multi-Vector-Attack in Cryptocurrency- Explained

Impersonation/Multi-Vector-Attack in Cryptocurrency- Explained |

BTC value is on cloud nine these days. This is contributing to the count of investors looking for alternatives for investment in this domain of finance. Value appreciation of the crypto king is not the only reason.

That’s right! You are not daydreaming. You are reading absolutely right. The list of reasons includes but is not limited to the following only:

Another reason why DeFi enthusiasts are looking for a new crypto asset to invest in is impersonation.

What is Impersonation?

This is something that you must seek education about. Impersonation is actually a kind of common DeFi scam swindlers execute to run away with the savings of your life and leave you pulling your hair in frustration.

How is Impersonation Executed?

Impersonation, also known as the multi-vector-attack, is the most dangerous weapon in the arsenal of any digital financial criminal. This form of financial attack is not so easy to detect and counter. Given below is the list of steps that scammers take to execute this form of decentralized financial attack:

  • Scammers gather information about you, your funds, your account, and every other thing as much as possible.
  • They seek information regarding the company on behalf of which he/she will attempt to get in touch with you.
  • Finally, you are called, messaged, or emailed by scammers.
  • Scammers introduce themselves as the CEO or some major management member of some reputed company and do their best to lure you with a once in a lifetime offer.

Once you fall into their trap, you are done.

All in all, this is something that you must know about before or while looking for new crypto assets to invest in. This will help you make the right decision from the investment point-of-view. More importantly, you will be able to safeguard your decentralized money on your own also.


The objective of this post was to educate you about the way Impersonation or multi-vector-attack can make you penniless. We advise you to be wise and take your DeFi investment decisions carefully and only after in-depth research.

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