Key Features of LPNT Wallet Explained

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4 min readOct 21, 2021
Key Features of LPNT Wallet Explained
Key Features of LPNT Wallet Explained

Apps dedicated to projects promoting the concept of digital decentralized finance are grabbing a million eyeballs on play stores.

Some app stores for such apps have also come into existence. Such is the level of these kinds of apps’ popularity these days.

These types of apps are called DApps (Decentralized Apps).

Joining the bandwagon is the LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN Wallet (LPNT Wallet).

Coming to the point, today’s post’s objective is to throw light on the potential of LPNT Wallet in-depth.

You can do it from Google’s Play Store.

What is LPNT Wallet?

For inquisitive minds, the LPNT wallet is a decentralized alternative to traditional popular centralized digital wallets.

Team LPNT has dedicated all of its technology mavens and the wealth of their invaluable skills and time to developing this wallet for making wealth management a cakewalk for you.

Let’s walk you through the capabilities of LPNT Wallet:

Create Your Account:

Do you aspire to leverage the potential of this cryptocurrency wallet to the fullest?

In case the answer to this question is yes, get your account up & running using the Create Your Account option.

You will need to use the Google Authenticator app in this process.

● Just fill in your details like name, email, and phone number in the account creation form.

● Remember to mention the temporary OTP in the next step.

● Save the Seed Phrase at some safe place.

● Verify your email and phone number.

Remember, you get the temporary OTP and Seed Phrase in Google Authenticator while setting up your LPNT wallet account.

Saving the Seed Phrase helps you regain access to your LPNT wallet account without any hassles. In case you don’t save the Seed Phrase or lose access to it because of any reason, you lose access to your LPNT wallet account and the entire crypto balance permanently and forever. This is the hardest rule of the crypto world.

The seed phrase saved by you will help you regain access to your account. Moreover, you can use it to login into your account on some new devices also.

Setup Your 4 Digit Security Pin:

This is something that you will need to take seriously from the security perspective. LPNT design and development team has worked hard on this feature.

The purpose of this feature is to ensure the hassle-free safety of your account and crypto funds from unauthorized access by evil minds.

Total Balance:

Once your LPNT wallet account is ready, you can see the crypto balance in the LPNT wallet. You will see it in the form of USD.


This is another incredible speciality of this wallet designed, developed, and introduced for a crypto enthusiast like you.

Meaning, all LPNT holders can stake their LPN TOKENS using the staking feature available in this decentralized app.

This wallet gives you two options to stake your LPN TOKENS.

● Staking LPN TOKENS through website.

● Staking LPN TOKENS using LPNT wallet.

Simply choose the option of your choice and login to the website/wallet using your valid login credentials.

Choose the staking package of your choice in the next step.

Your LPN TOKENS are staked successfully.

Asset Management:

This option lets you manage your investment multiple cryptocurrency assets directly from the LPNT cryptocurrency wallet.

Clicking the Add More option introduced as a part of the Asset Management option allows you to add or remove cryptocurrencies that you want to manage directly from LPNT Wallet.


It closes other tabs and brings you back directly to the home screen of your wallet account.

Send LPN TOKENS or Other Cryptocurrencies:

This option has been incorporated into this app to help you send cryptocurrency to others. You can send funds to anyone’s crypto wallet in the world.

The process is simple.

● Just choose the crypto that you want to send to someone.

● Mention the destination crypto wallet address. Meaning, mention receiver’s crypto wallet address.

● Mention the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to transfer to the destination crypto wallet.

You will see the current market worth of the amount of cryptocurrency likely to be transferred to the destination crypto wallet address. You will see it in the form of USD.

Receive LPN TOKENS or Other Cryptocurrencies:

Receiving cryptocurrencies using LPN TOKEN Wallet is also easy. You will need to follow some simple steps to receive cryptocurrencies in your account. Follow the steps mentioned below:

● Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to receive. You can choose any crypto from the dropdown list.

● Make use of the QR Code or the wallet address given on your screen.

● Mention the amount of crypto that you want to receive in your account. Once you mention the type and amount of cryptocurrency that you wish to receive in your account, you will see its market value in the form of US Dollars.

● Finally, you will have to share your wallet address with the person likely to send you funds.

You can share it on the social messaging (P2P messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram) platform of your choice.

This is the way you can leverage the potential of the LPN TOKEN wallet to your benefit. This is not the end of things you can do with it. Keep coming back here to know about some more awesome things you can do with it.



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