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3 min readDec 28, 2021

The concept of crypto is consistently scaling new heights of popularity in all walks of life. This decentralized version of digital finance has become a gravy train for people to board for financial freedom. Constant innovations have made this form of finance talk of the town. This is encouraging people to exhaust search engines for queries about the best cryptocurrency for investment in 2022 for independence in all walks of life from the financial point of view.

The development of more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies is the result of people’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. Many of them are headlining the global crypto market for elevating the quality of people’s financial experiences in many ways. One of these fintech revolutions is the LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN (LPNT).

The token leveraging the potential of Ethereum blockchain joined the global crypto bandwagon almost a year ago. The token has come a long way since its launch on 15th December 2020. We encourage you to take look back at some of the things that put LPNT in the league of the best cryptocurrency for investment in 2022.

Listing On Reputed Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

First-ever listing on an exchange like PROBIT, an internationally reputed cryptocurrency exchange. Listing on PROBIT provided much-needed pair with BTC, ETH, and USDT. More importantly, this incredible feat took LPNT’s popularity among crypto enthusiasts to the next level with the consistent price increase and market volume.

The quality of this incredible feat encouraged the team to get the token listed on some more reputed cryptocurrency exchanges. The efforts bore fruit in the form of listing on some more reputed crypto exchanges named BuyUCoin, KoinBazar, and Bittrex.

BuyUCoin and KoinBazar are Indian crypto exchanges held in high esteem among the Indian crypto community whereas Bittrex is an international crypto-exchange. LPNT’s listing on BuyUCoin and KoinBazar ensured pair with INR (Indian Rupee). The purpose was to make LPNT accessible to the Indian crypto community easily.

Listing on these exchanges skyrocketed the growth of LPNT. The token crossed the milestone of $100 per LPNT. It also multiplied the market cap and market volume by manifolds.

The Launch of LPNT Pay And LPNT Wallet App

The dream was to get the token recognized as a multi-utility token. Meaning, the objective is to make tokens acceptable in all walks of life and for anything. The dream could be brought to life through the introduction of dedicated mobile apps focused on making the token utilized and usable in all walks of life.

The team dedicated an invaluable wealth of time, skills, knowledge of its practiced tech minds to the development of LPNT Pay and Wallet Apps for Android users.

The popularity of graph of both of these mobile apps is shooting upwards among crypto enthusiasts consistently on Google Play Store.

LPNT Pay is the decentralized alternative to the traditional mobile-based virtual payment methods like Paytm, PhonePe, GPay, Mobikwik, and many more. It acts as a medium LPNT HODLERS need to pay for the following using LPNT:

  • Digital decentralized payment of commercial utility bills.
  • Virtual decentralized personal utility bills.
  • Online decentralized payment of domestic utility bills.
  • Digital decentralized shopping.

On the other hand, the LPNT wallet app allows users to carry out crypto transactions using LPNT worldwide. Users can send and receive multiple crypto and store those for the future. One of the best feature that LPNT wallet provide to its community is that users can Stake LPNT using LPNT wallet and receive their rewards for staking in the same wallet. This is not the only capacity the LPNT wallet app offers. This is something you can explore personally through its usage.

The Bottom Line:

The token has really come a long way. It is now one of the major global crypto forces to reckon with. The entire credit must be given to LPNT’s global physical community and crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

We sincerely thank you all for being such an incredible part of LPNT’s growth journey.

The team would love to dedicate the wealth of its invaluable resources’ time, skills, and experience to innovate and ameliorate the quality of your financial experiences in many more ways with LPNT.

Keep Supporting LPNT forever.



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